How to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

How to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life Whether the iOS 5.0.1 update didnt fix all your battery woes or youre just looking to improve your iPhones daily lifespan, weve got a few tips that can help you squeeze a little more juice out of your iDevice. Some are easy, some require a little additional hardware. … Continue reading

Touched a Fire today,… And didn’t get burned

My boss brought his very recently acquired Kindle Fire to work today. I had a couple of minutes to put my hands on it. My first impression didn’t leave me with the feeling that i just got ahold of the next “hot” tech item. It had a very slick design, but I couldn’t help but … Continue reading

What IS Amazon really up to? > @Pogue: A

What IS Amazon really up to? > @Pogue: Amazon Lights the Fire With Free Books –

#RonPaul on His Student Loan Plan #GOP2012

          “Our young people are jobless and saddled with student debt greater than all of the credit card debt of every American combined!” – Ron Paul This is a very sad reality.  College Students of the past 20+ years have been penalized by having to take on almost as much debt … Continue reading

$5 for $10 CVS/pharmacy Gift Card: http:

$5 for $10 CVS/pharmacy Gift Card:

Asbury University Ranked 5th by US News & World Report #collegeranking #bestcolleges

              Asbury University has received a top 5 ranking among Regional Colleges in the South by US News & World Report. Well Done Asbury University!   Regional College South Rankings Top Regional Colleges South US News Best Colleges.

Dear Occupy Wall Street … – #ows

Dave Ramsey’s short synopsis in this Open Letter to the OWS group(s) basically sums up my own personal views on this so-called “movement”. By Dave Ramsey “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Yeah, that’s great. But what do you want? What are your goals? What are your demands? What … Continue reading

A GOP candidate who actually has a plan

A GOP candidate who actually has a plan | – YouTube

How to keep your data and identify safe online | Good to Know – Google

Living up to it’s mantra, Google, Inc. has posted a website with a lot of really good information about the web and being safe on the web.  Including information about passwords, good account practices, and how Google protects your data on their services.  Worth reading through if you not familiar with the realities of the … Continue reading

How bad parenting created Occupy Wall Street –

This article has some very good points.  Regardless of your views on Occupy Wall Street, or even if his points are valid on the topic, the points made about the parenting mistakes of today’s generation are spot-on.  (in my humble opinion) Occupy Wall Street is a temper tantrum in a private park. And it’s parents, … Continue reading