How to keep your data and identify safe online | Good to Know – Google

Living up to it’s mantra, Google, Inc. has posted a website with a lot of really good information about the web and being safe on the web.  Including information about passwords, good account practices, and how Google protects your data on their services.  Worth reading through if you not familiar with the realities of the internet how to stay safe when using it.

Stay safe online

Advice for staying more secure on the web and an overview of some of the security tools that Google offers.

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Your data on the web and how it makes websites more useful

An overview of ways that websites can get to know your preferences and how this makes them more useful for you.

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Your data on Google and how it makes Google services more useful

This section explains what information you share with Google when you use our products and services and how we use it to make your experience better.

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Manage your data and what you share with websites and Google

Guidance on how you can manage the data you share online, both across the web and on Google services.

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Good to Know – Google.


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