Touched a Fire today,… And didn’t get burned

My boss brought his very recently acquired Kindle Fire to work today. I had a couple of minutes to put my hands on it. My first impression didn’t leave me with the feeling that i just got ahold of the next “hot” tech item. It had a very slick design, but I couldn’t help but notice the “heft” of it when I picked it up. It weighed more than I had expected but the feel of the unit was still nice.

My second impression using the unit was underwhelming. Admittedly this was a very brief period of time to adequately “review” a product but I quickly noticed that the screen missed several finger inputs and the response/ performance felt a bit “sluggish”.

My takeaway from this short experience, and having used an iPad a bit more extensively, the Kindle Fire was less than I hoped it would be. I would expect that most iPad users will have a similar experience. But those new to the tablet arena will probably find this new device/ experience pleasing, as it is still an upgraded experience (in performance and size) from most smartphones. And at its much lower price the Kindle Fire is a very appealing alternative to the iPad.

I am sure that more hands-on time would prove part my initial assessment wrong, and perhaps I will get a chance someday. But for now I certainly hope and expect that version 2 of the Kindle Fire will be a significant improvement. As with most technology the 2nd and 3rd generations are often much better than the originals. I am also very curious to see where Amazon is heading with this device and their other ventures they are venturing into.

What are your thoughts? Have you used the Fire?


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